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8 Free Mobile Apps College Students Should Download ASAP

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School, college or university -- if you are a student then you know how it feels to carry around a vast amount of equipment all day every day. From papers to books to pens and calculators, you name it you probably have it stashed away in your bag. However, maybe it is time to forget some of these things and leave them behind by turning your focus to your tablets and smartphones.

So take your student experience to the next level by downloading the following apps -- all of which are free!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? This innovative app rewards you for paying attention in class! The way it works is simple. You turn off your phone when you’re in class and gain points for the amount of time your phone is turned off. These points can then be used at local businesses around your University. For any cash strapped student, this app can be an absolute life saver and on top of that you can expect higher grades for paying attention in class!

This is a dictionary that is there for you all the time on your mobile phone. There is no need to carry around a pocket dictionary because this is all you need right here. While it is easy to google a word to find out its meaning, sometimes you do not have internet connection to do so. This app works offline with results appearing quickly with definitions, word origins, synonyms and antonyms. An audio feature will also show you how the word is pronounced.

Are you tired of carrying around stacks of papers? Are you fed up of spending out lots of money on photocopies? If so this is the mobile app for you. This handy little app allows you to take photos of pages and handouts. It works like a mini scanner and the setting enhance the text making it easier to read. You can add notes to the file and also save copies in PDF format so you can share them.

There is no longer a need to print out documents and add your own notes to them because choosing to use this app will allow you to make notes, comments and mark PDF files. The app makes it possible to open multiple tabs which makes it possible to switch between documents without having to close others.

Good old trusty Google. Just when it used to be difficult to work on the same document with you friends this app allows collaborative working. This means that a group of you can work simultaneously on the same document. You can see the changes others are making in real time and also chat and comment at the same time. Discussions can be started in order to understand the topics before you commit to submitting your paper.

Ever wanted to write a math problem out and have the answer appear before your very eyes? This app allows you to write your mathematical problems before giving you the answer instantly. It could provide the extra help that you need but if you have any long and complex equations then this won’t be able to help but it is still pretty cool.

These days we have to remember a lot of things. Passwords, PIN numbers and birthdays so remembering deadlines and exam dates can be rather tricky. This app provides you with a countdown for all of your tests and submission dates but it also offers a to-do list function for each event making it simple to plan.

If ever there was a time to lose your work it would be around exam time or deadline dates. Losing a laptop or even a USB flash drive can cause you to lose everything so don’t let that happen. Back up is key and this is where Dropbox can help. You can create a drive that allows you to access your documents from anywhere. Work can be synched between different devices which means it is always available. Never lose your work again!



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